Stick Fighting: Techniques of Self-Defense by Masaaki Hatsumi, Quintin Chambers

Stick Fighting: Techniques of  Self-Defense

Stick Fighting: Techniques of Self-Defense Masaaki Hatsumi, Quintin Chambers ebook
Page: 148
Format: pdf
Publisher: Kodansha America
ISBN: 0870114751, 9780870114755

Target Focus Training's striking system teaches you defensive fighting techniques and other fighting tips. Stick Fighting: Techniques of Self-Defense book download. €�Martial arts techniques for stick fighting self defense against a club, baseball bat, tire iron or other impact weapon often use unrealistic street fight situations. Related eBooks Women Self Defense demonstration by Anta?s Fitness & Self Defense. Why your martial arts master can break a pile . Telefutura 09/28/12 For the first time you'll understand the connection between a punch, a kick, a stick to the head, a stabbing, even a shooting! And if you expect your personal protection or self-defense system to work any time, every time, it better be modeled on this, too. Learn to protect your loved ones. Sunday, 17 March 2013 at 12:02. It's the concept we modeled Striking after. Step-by-step instructions and over 300 photographs allow the trainee to follow and learn the techniques of stick fighting for self defense with ease.